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A Sabbath Fellowship Meal

Today was a gorgeous Sabbath day... and a lovely time of worship and fellowship at our little church in Courtenay, B.C. on Beautiful Vancouver Island.  Our Sabbath meals (every week) are vegetarian (vegan to ovo-lacto vegetarian), and follow an outline that you can find by clicking on the Sabbath presenter's link on our church site's Calendar PageGenerally, we follow a seasonal rhythm of meals with soup in the cooler months (starting next week) and meals with salads in the summer-y months.  We always have a salad of some sort with our soup meals.  Please join us if you are living nearby, or visiting!  The meal follows the main 11AM worship service each Saturday (food is served about 12:15pm).

There were, of course, also desserts. Today we had watermelon, backyard table grapes and cake. Find some Classic Adventist Potluck Recipes HERE.