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Potato Soup - No Poured Oils, Vegan

This recipe is simple and is suitable to diet where poured oils are restricted.  It's about as vegan as you will ever see in an "Irish" recipe.  My grandmother used to make a similar potato soup, and I miss her and the soup.  Happy St Patrick's Day!


4 large Potatoes2 large Onions2 C. Water1 tsp. Salt1 T. Whole Grain or Non-Gluten Flour2 C. Non-Dairy MilkMETHOD:
Dice potatoes and onions into small pieces Mix all ingredients (except Milk) in a blender and add the potatoes and onionsCook, stirring occasionallyWhen the veggies are fork-tender, add the milk.Warm to just about boiling (but do not boil)Cooked barley and/or mint give it a delightful flavour and texture. (My Grandmother added black pepper).
This recipe is contained in the cookery book (more than recipes) called 'EAT FOR STRENGTH, OIL-FREE EDITION' from the Uchee Pines Natural Healing Centre, by the famous Dr. Agatha Thrash, who passed away in 2015 at the age of 82.