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BAKED TOFU: Sesame Surprise (Vegan, Gluten-Free)

I have to tell you that this BAKED TOFU recipe is one of my favourite tofu recipes of all time.
 My husband and I have been back and forth on the Tofu Road.  We read a lot of health-related articles and watch a lot of (junk?) science on Youtube, so of course, we are well aware of the controversy around soy products... you know where you can go to read that side of the story as well.

Well, here we are back again!  Because we have such great respect for slim heralds of plant-strong health like Dr. Darlene Blaney (recipes on this site),  Dr. Hans Diehl, Dr. John A. McDougall, Lani  Muelrath, Dr. Neal Barnard, and Dr. Walter Veith (see more below the recipe), among many others, some people we actually rub shoulders with on a weekly basis, these tofu-eating crusaders for a healthy lifestyle have won us back again to tofu.  We're sort of like "slacker voters" I guess... we go with who impresses us the most with their pitch for benefits we will receive, and we vote with our forks…