Recipe for GOLDEN SAUCE (Gluten-free, dairy-free)

I guess you could call this SCREAMINGLY GOLDEN SAUCE (I added a bit of Turmeric)

Cook together in a small pan:

*1 small Potato
*1/2 small Carrot
*1 1/3 C. Water

When done, blend (including cooking water) with:

*2 T. Cashews
*3/4 tsp. Salt
*2 T. fresh Lemon Juice
*Dash of Celery Salt
**1 T. Nutritional Yeast (add in OR substitute for the Cashews)

Serve over broccoli, cauliflower, etc. Nice replacement for cheese sauces.

(Above Golden Sauce recipe contributed by Wyona Hertwig with **Note: My sauce didn't turn out as golden as I thought it should be so I added a little of the herb Turmeric-- we try to eat it some way everyday-- and I didn't have cashews, so used an equal amount of raw sunflower seeds instead-- I call this "Guiltless Cheese Sauce - Cynthia)

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