Best Scramble Tofu Mix - vegan, gluten-free

If you have ever made yourself some tofu scramble with the expectation that it will be a great sub for your favourite scramble eggs back in the day, well, you know that disappointment.

I have to say, though, that there is a new kid in town!

I don't know where I actually got this recipe from.  I just found it in scribbled into a book on my never-ending quest to quell the clutter in our home.  I think it may be out of a library cookbook, or maybe someone dictated it to me.  In any case, I apologize if it is your precious recipe.  I have changed some of the wording, and some of the ingredients.

So, the glory of this actual recipe is in the mixture that you make up in advance and always have on hand when the urge for a tofu scramble hits!

The flavour blend is outstanding.  I also like how the mix is set up to provide just enough of its herby deliciousness (1 1/2 Teaspoons per serving) so that there is not an imbalance in either flavour or moistness.

Blend the following in a blender or food processor:

1 Cup           Nutritional Yeast
5 T. + 1 tsp.  Onion Powder
4 tsp.             Curry Powder
4 tsp.             Sea Salt 
4 tsp.             Ground Turmeric
4 tsp.             Ground Cumin

Store in the fridge in a covered jar.  I use a good old all-purpose mason jar and write "Scramble Mix" in permanent marker on the lid so as not to mistake it for something else.

When you are ready to make some scrambles, the following makes one serving:

4 oz.            Extra Firm Tofu (Costco has a good deal on organic tofu)
1 1/2 tsp.     Scramble Mix 
2 T.              Water (or Soy Milk)

I combined the mix and the tofu in a food processor, but you can do it by hand in a medium size bowl.  

Cook in a frying pan, stirring constantly, over medium heat.  When it is the desired consistency, serve it up.

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