Yummy Vegan Leek Potato Soup

This soup made with leeks and other tasty, nourishing root veggies, is as close to the fragrance of orthodox chicken soup as you are likely to ever get as a vegan.  My husband and I love it!  I have made a few subs to the delightful recipe by my Facebook friend and cookbook author Michelle Grubb Blackwell for her Potato-Leek-Carrot-Zucchini soup.  I subbed coconut oil for the olive oil, added 2 more carrots, 1 more medium potato, diced, and a little more water and herbs/spices.  I also ground up Coriander Seed in my handy dandy coffee bean grinder because I didn't have regular pre-ground coriander.  We ended up with about 6 servings that we enjoyed over 3 meals.  For Michelle's original recipe go here.

Michelle has upgraded delicious Seventh-day Adventist vegetarian recipes to new healthier, tastier classics in her Healthier Steps cookbook that you can order here


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