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Recipe for No-Meat Balls (Veggin' Out June 17-12)

On June 17th-- Father's Day, actually-- we had our 2nd Veggin' Out Plant-Based Drop-in. Yes, there was an expected shortage of actual participants, but it was the usual fun time and the food was the usual superb. Thanks to Mary Lou Johnson for all her hard work, recipes, demos and the food. Also in the kitchen were Rick, Lorne and Pauline. Dan did a lot of running back and forth (he was the Go-for-it-Guy) and I did the registration and such. Rick presented an interesting little talk on obesity and some of the healthy ways to fight it.

We all sat around two pushed-together-tables for the lunch... was so much fun: I Love Lucy came up (can't remember why) and other assorted silliness.

 Hope you can make it next time! I'll be publishing the recipes over the next week or so here... you'll love them! I actually got to make a couple of the recipes up for the samples. One of them was the delicious No-Meat Balls above. You can find the recipe HERE.